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Getting great content for your blog or social media doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to have the right tools!
Turns out, you probably have that right in front of you! Most smartphones have all you need to take great photos, and video, so let’s talk about how you can do this.

1. Let’s talk about where you should take the photo. 

This can depend on what you are trying to tell people, but make sure everything in the photo is what you WANT people to see.
Is it a product on your desk? Maybe remove that hour old coffee or pile of papers. Remember, less is better! The main point is that everything in this photo matters, so be intentional about what you include.

2. Lighting (this is REALLY important). 

Make sure that when you’re taking the photo, you think about where the light is coming from. Light from above is rarely good, especially for people’s faces.
It creates ugly shadows and looks awful, so just forget about that outdoor photoshoot in the middle of the day!
Here are some great ways to get good lighting in your photos.
  • Try and use natural light where possible
  • If you’re indoors, turn off those nasty office lights, they don’t do any favours!
  • If you have a window in your office, use this to create directional light. This can create nice shadows and give your subject a bit of character. Try to keep it in front of, or on the side of your subject. Backlighting is hard to master so best stay away for now!
  • If you’re outside, it can be very bright! Direct sun, even if it’s cloudy, can be too harsh! Try to use areas in shade to soften the light. Verandas and doors can be a great way of getting a really nice light on to your subject.

3. Taking the actual photo!

This is your time to shine. Here are a few tips when taking your photo.
  • Use the “grid’ function on your phone to help compose your photo. Lining up your subject on the grid lines is an easy way to create a great photo
  • There is nothing worse than an out of focus photo, so when you’re ready, tap the screen and let the phone focus on your subject
  • Don’t crowd your shot, try to surround your subject with the empty space like a plain white wall, or a clean desk
  • Often one shot won’t do it, so make sure you’re taking at least 5-10 different shots and pick the best one late
So remember,
  • Consider where you are taking the photo, and make sure you’re happy with everything in it!
  • Use natural light wherever you can and try to make it directional light
  • Make sure you position the subject, focus by tapping and take lots of variations
Using these simple tips will help your phone photos go from Auntie Barb’s blurry Christmas lunch photo to influencer in no time.


If you’re looking to really push your photos, editing them can be a great way.
VSCO cam is an awesome tool to create modern looking photos with the click of a button. They have a range of presets, as well as the ability to edit individual elements.
Download the app and have a play!
Andrew Webber

Andrew Webber is the Company Director of The Marketing Department. He's also an avid basketballer with a passion for SEO and all forms of digital marketing!