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A short video interview with the client

Stepping Stone (SA) were looking for a partner to modernise their digital presence, and help them increase enrolments across their 26 centres around South Australia. We built them a robust website and digital strategy that helped them grow significantly grow their traffic, enquiries and most importantly, enrolments.







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Fasted growing company in Australia
Stepping Stone (SA)

If you’re looking for a company that’s going to listen and be responsive to what you’re looking for, but also be full of ideas and inspiration, TMD is the company that’s going to provide you with that support and take your company and your business into the right direction.

I’m Helen Ketley. I’m one of the managers of Stepping Stone (SA) Childcare and Early Development Centres. Stepping Stone (SA) Childcare is South Australian owned and operated, and we are here to provide education and care for the children of South Australia. Prior to TMD, we didn’t have a social presence.

We’re not particularly technologically minded and haven’t had a focus on that at all. We needed to find someone that could work with us that would listen to us and would adopt what we wanted to achieve, but bring us into the current environment. So TMD was the solution. They were integral in in an area of our business that we didn’t have strength in. We have created a really, really good synergy with TMD, which is only going to forge a stronger working relationship between the two companies, which is exciting.

We have seen an increase in the leads, the figures are something like we’ve had a seventy percent increase in mobile contact, which has been brilliant. The web site has made a definite impact on the number of people that are coming and making contact with our services.

Since TMD has become involved, we’ve seen a definite increase in families coming and looking through the centers once they get there, the rest is up to us. So part of that is that we’ve we’ve also got to work collaboratively with TMD to make sure that, the information we’re giving out is what we’re selling when they come through the door.
The website is pivotal in getting us out into the community. It shares information about what we do as a company. The other thing TMD has done is make sure that it has currency in it. Whereas in the past, we had a website and no one looked at it for five years.

Now it’s being looked out on a regular basis, almost daily. And we’ve got online access for families to actually communicate directly. So it’s It’s opened up a whole layer of communication for us. They have provided us with a window we didn’t know existed.

So, yeah, they’ve made a huge difference, and our website is interesting.

TMD seemed to have the dynamics we were looking for. They’re also South Australian. They understood the market.

They were very proactive active in the way they listened and then came back to us with their interpretation of what we were looking for and wanted to help us to grow our footprint in the this area of social media that we didn’t understand.

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