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A short video interview with the clients

The expert defence lawyers were looking for a partner to help them generate more clients and grow their firm—that’s when they asked TMD for help. We used a combination of Google, social media and the production of quality educational material to help position the firm as the premier criminal law firm in South Australia.







More yearly website traffic


More website enquiries


Increase in new cases

“Since TMD has come on board, the business has grown significantly. Last financial year was our biggest year in over twenty years.

“My name’s Casey Isaacs, I’m senior partner at Caldicott + Isaacs Lawyers. Previously, we utilised IT specialists to try and build out our website, but that alone didn’t make a significant impact on the amount of business that we were driving from it. It was really once TMD got on board, that we noticed a change, and our place in the marketplace increased.

“I’m James Caldicott, and I’m a partner Caldicott + Isaacs Lawyers, a specialist criminal defence criminal law firm in Adelaide.

“We chose to work with TMD because of their presence within the marketing field that had a young, vibrant, go get a type attitude, which we felt really gelled with what we’re trying to do here at Caldicott + Isaacs.

“They offered us a solution to the problems we were facing as a business from a point of marketing, and they’re effectively a one stop shop. They could deal with all our platforms, all our marketing, needs, and it wasn’t necessary for us to to go anywhere else.

“Our everyday life has changed dramatically. We’ve gotten incredibly busier due to the marketing that we’ve been able to do through TMD. But they’ve also streamlined the process of trying to manage and deal with that side of things from a business – and so it’s very much, is left in their capable hands, and we’re reaping the benefits from that.

“Clients have grown significantly. Clients satisfaction has grown. And indeed just our general professionalism in the way we appear in the marketplace has improved greatly.

“I’d sum up our experience as being incredibly an enjoyable experience, but also stress-free in taking away the obligation to create content. They were more working with us, than for us and it’s been a collaborative and great process.

“I’d just like to thank the the guys from TMD. They’ve helped us significantly since they’ve started with us and, look forward to many further years in the future.

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