The Cullinan

A modern digital presence

The Cullinan is a luxury apartment building located in the heart of the Adelaide CBD. The brand desperately needed a refresh and digital campaign as apartment sales had stagnated. We transformed the brand to be more stylish, refined, and sophisticated that better represents the luxurious development.

Brand refresh

Our objective was to refresh and modernise the existing logo and branding for The Cullinan. We approached the project with a focus on enhancing and refining the brand, and designed a sophisticated, luxurious aesthetic - just like the building itself.

Cullinan Floor Plans
Cullinan Icons
Cullinan Fence Hoarding

An elegant experience

In designing the website for The Cullinan, our goal was to create an elegant digital experience that created interest and highlighted the luxurious characteristics of the building. The parallax effects and scroll-based animation added a level of detail which kept the user on the site, and maintained interest as they scrolled down the page.

The Cullinan Website

Selling the Apartments

Our team achieved outstanding results with our digital ad campaigns for The Cullinan. We generated an impressive 11,000 website visits, resulting in 745 leads at an insane $5.95 per lead! This helped speed up the sales of 150 apartments (which had been sitting at 30% sold for nearly a year), which resulted in the building being 90% sold in less than 6 months.


Website visitors


Qualified buying prospects


Apartments sold


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