Stepping Stone (SA) Childcare & Early Development Centres

A comprehensive digital solution

Stepping Stone (SA) Childcare & Early Development Centres needed help brining their business into the digital work that was reflective of the safe, secure and caring environments fostered at each of their 25 centres – and of course, a hearty dose of fun!

Building a digital asset library

Getting photos and video content from each of their 25 centres around South Australia was a challenging undertaking. But the end result has been nothing short of spectacular and provided a wealth of content to use across all the digital platforms.

Stepping Stone Childcare Centres
Stepping Stone (SA)

An engaging promotional video

Our team pulled together the best footage from all 25 centres to make an incredible company-wide promotional video.

Function and form

After we captured all the imagery of each centre, we then created a fully customised website, designed to reinforce the values of the company and their strong brand through purposeful design, intuitive navigation, compelling imagery and tailored calls to action.

Easy for the families

With over 75% of conversions taking place on mobile, the new website was designed mobile-first, with an entirely custom and responsive mobile design. This ensured the website was accessible, reliable and easy to use across any device, for both site visitors and the company’s staff.

Unique centre pages

To ensure parents got the same personalised treatment that their children receive at each centre, we crafted each centre page to reflect their unique feel. The first step of this process was to do a photo and video shoot at each of their 25 centres around South Australia!

The outcome was a fully customised page for each Stepping Stone centre which has led to a big uptick in enrolments at a centre level.

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