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A short video interview with the client

Buildtec were looking for a partner to help them sell their projects off-the-plan faster, while getting more visibility over lead performance over the life of their projects. We built them a tailored solution that included a company-wide CRM that incorporated a robust sales and marketing automation system. This more targeted sales approach allowed them to sell projects entirely off-market through their CRM, which saved them significant advertising and commission costs.







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“I’d recommend TMD to anyone who wants the right partner, in the sales and marketing part of their business for property and projects.

Hi. My name’s Anthony Carrocci, Managing Director of Buildtec Group.

Buildtec is an Adelaide based, property and construction group, specialising in industrial residential and commercial projects.

Hi. My name’s Daniel. I’m a project manager with Buildtec. Before we started working with TMD, I guess it was more of a traditional approach. So we would employ an agent and work through. That was a little bit clunky, and it meant that, there wasn’t real transparency about where the information was going, where those leads were going, and how easy that were to convert. Since we’ve been working with TMD, it’s a lot smoother a process, less cost as well, and the outcomes are greater.

We chose to work with TMD because of their professionalism and their responsiveness getting them involved with our projects from both sales and marketing point of view, their ability to manage the process and turn around the work promptly is very important to us. The role that TMD plays is they basically look after all of our website lead generation and social media work as well so that then, all of the leads that are nurtured to run through the system, and we can run automation and all types of different tools that, the guys have got to to basically get conversion of them as quickly as possible.

Working with TMD has enabled us to sell out of projects in record time. I guess that’s the best sort of example of what we could say using the digital approach and ActiveCampaign and the other tools has meant. We’ve sold them that a lot quicker.

One of the challenges we face in project sales is is being being able to effectively manage the lead pipeline and your database. TMD have been, you know, instrumental in in enabling us to, effectively manage that pipeline, from lead generation, nurturing those leads all the way through to sales.

The CRM has allowed us to be more targeted in our sales approach. When, selling projects, certain projects, we only sell through our CRM to targeted buyers.

Park Townhomes was a project at Camden Park. We released that through TMD and the enquiry rate on those was overwhelming. We sold out that project in much quicker amount of time than what we thought, and it was solely to do with, TMD’s lead generation. I don’t even think that those ones got on REA.

TMD’s approach to project marketing and database is very good. It’s one of their main strengths and one of the areas that, has really assisted us with our projects over the years. Biggest benefit aside from meeting the guys from TMD because how lovely the team is, basically, the bottom line. It’s a lot cheaper to work with with TMD than it is using traditional agents. And marketers because you’re not spending that large amount on on website listings and those type of things. It’s a tailored marketing approach.

If any of our competitors are watching, I hope they’re not watching because I hope they don’t take up the option of you working with TMD because we really like working with them. We think they’ve got a skill set that is suited to the Adelaide market and is suited to our type of business.

I know that Andrew’s keen and and the team are keen to get involved in in lots of new projects, and we certainly wish them well with that. We just hope that none of our competitors are watching.”

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